Jim Florentine

You know Emmy Award Winning Comedian Jim Florentine, from Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers, performing Special Ed and Bobby Fletcher, Comedy Central’s Motherload, HBO’s Inside the NFL, ABC’s The Apprentice, and as an International stand-up headliner.

Greg Vaccarello

Greg Vaccariello is a 10 year veteran of Stand-up comedy as well as on the road to becoming an accomplished actor. Having made his television debut in the NBC show Ed, Greg has continued his acting career with appearances on the CBS show The King of Queens as well as recurring roles on the NBC show Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit and Law and Order: Criminal Intent. He has also appeared in several television commercials.

Eric McMahon

If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like if a type-A, high strung, alpha male wound up raising three daughters, then look no further than a night of informative comedy with Eric McMahon. You will understand the struggle of trying to keep a marriage “blissful” after 20 years, trying to keep the high school boys away from his daughters and protecting their innocence, and dealing with an aging body that simply doesn’t function like the well oiled machine it used to be.

His upbeat, energetic delivery and his versatility to work blue or squeaky clean, has made him a favorite all over the country. This is demonstrated by the fact that he has recently opened for both Ray Romano and Andrew “Dice” Clay.

In the past few years, Eric has pitched a sitcom to CBS, starred in an off-off Broadway drama called “The Chill on Lake St. Clair”, hosts a weekly radio show called “What’s Your Problem?”, played Billy Flynn in a Broadway review of “Chicago”, and is one of the writers and performers in Jim Florentine’s comedy sketches on HBO’s “Inside the NFL”.

He is a well rounded performer doing family comedy at its best. If you don’t appreciate your life as a care free single 25 year old, you certainly will after spending the night with Eric.

Eleanor Kerrigan

Eleanor J. Kerrigan is the latest in a long line of historically funny women who cut their teeth at the World Famous Comedy Store. Starting out as a waitress there, Eleanor learned the ropes of comedy, all the while making the best comics in the country laugh, in the kitchen of the club. It would take several years and lots of pushing from one of her biggest fans, Andrew Dice Clay, to finally get her to take her comedic talents to the stage. After co-starring with him in “Dice Undisputed”, Dice invited Eleanor to go on the road with him to promote the show. “I’m an actress not a stand up!” she replied. After seeing her one woman show, Andrew would no longer take no for an answer. “You’re hysterical and everyone should know that!” he said, and Eleanor’s been performing stand up in clubs and theaters around the country ever since. Her hilarious take on life comes from her unique experiences growing up street-savvy in South Philly, as one of 10 children in a very Irish-Catholic family. She paints an uproarious portrait of her life experiences, beginning with her childhood in a three bedroom row home and moving to her adventures as an adult living in L.A… Eleanor’s shoot-from-the-hip take on life is both refreshing and exciting. She’s not afraid to give the audience a piece of her mind and they love her for it. Eleanor is also a graduate of the esteemed Joanne Baron and D.W. Brown acting studio in Santa Monica, California, following in the footsteps of acting greats such as Halley Berry and Patrick Dempsey. She’s had audiences rolling as one of the motorcycle riding, pool cue wielding tag team called “Harley’s Angels” on UPN’s “Women of Wrestling” and has made countless appearances on other major networks such as Nickelodeon and VH1. Eleanor Kerrigan is certainly one to watch and will be touring the country with her brazen brand of humor. Don’t miss her!

Chris Monty

Chris Monty is New York’s newest rising comedy star. Born and raised on Long Island, Chris was fascinated with show business at an early age. He yearned to be in front of an audience singing or dancing. Many a party would find Chris performing in front of friends and relatives to a big round of applause. But it was when he saw a certain comedian on television that he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. That comedian was Red Skelton.

At 19 Chris found himself at a local piano bar requested to sing a few songs. He does and the showman comes out. He returns to that club and others for the next couple of years. Opening with a few jokes, singing some old tunes and closing with a joke.

Chris found his passion was stand-up comedy and needed a way to break-in. He was getting tired of piano bars and karaoke nights. So in order to help his act writing wise, he enrolled in a Comedy class at Stand-Up University taught by Peter Bales. Peter a veteran Stand-Up for over 20 years, had toured with Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers, and Paul Reiser to name a few. His class helps young comedians break into the business with a crisp 5 minutes of funny material. Just about what you’d need for a spot on an “Open-mic Show” at a Comedy Club. Stand-Up University, as it is known, was a great learning experience for Chris. Since then, he has stopped back to visit Peter and pass on advice he may have for beginners.

Chris began his Comedy Club resume at Governor’s in Levittown Long Island in the late ’90’s. He later teamed up with fellow comedian Marc Lund to create Long Island’s Funniest Comedy Team of Monty & Lund. It was in the team that Chris got his first break. Monty & Lund were asked to open for Gabe Kaplan (from TV’s Welcome Back Kotter) at McGuire’s Comedy Club. The show was a smash. Eventually Chris decided he wanted to go back solo as a comedian. He later was asked to open for Jimmy “JJ” Walker (from TV’s “Good Times”) at the same club. Now he performs regularly all over the country including such rooms as The Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. He also has opened for such acts as Bobby Slayton, Jim David, Adam Ferrera, and Jim Norton.

Chris has also expanded his career into radio and television. For a while he hosted his own radio show on Long Island’s WGBB with his former comedy team partner Marc Lund. Later he co-hosted “On A Roll” with fellow comedian John Larochia. But his best gig was writing jokes for “The Joan Rivers Show” on WWOR. “Joan is a very down to earth person, who makes me laugh” Chris said when he was asked of his time spent on her show. He also was a guest on WWOR on the legendary “Joey Reynolds Show”. Chris’ television credits include numerous commercials with such companies as P.C. Richard & Son and Ford. He also has appeared locally on Long Island for P.G. Grippo & Son and White Post Farms. He is a very talented comedian whose fast rise in Comedy is only the start. You will be seeing his face all over very soon!

Carole Montgomery

The ivory girl with an attitude Carole Montgomery has been making people laugh as a standup comedian since 1981. Her ivory girl looks and off color humor may make people squirm but she pulls it off with a sly wink. With over 30 years experience performing in comedy clubs, television and production shows, Carole is a respected veteran of the comedy scene nationwide. Prior to starring in 2 different Las Vegas revues, Carole headlined comedy clubs and colleges all over the country. In 2006 she moved back to New York City where she performed her one woman show CONFESSIONS OF A PT&A; MOM at Gotham Comedy Club and the 45th St. Theatre. Carole is a regular performer at most New York comedy clubs. Carole has performed at the prestigious Montreal Just for Laughs festival, and recorded a CD called EXTREME COMEDY THE WOMEN. She is also the co-producer of the NY UNDERGROUND COMEDY FESTIVAL. In the past year she has entertained our US military with the NY Underground Comedy Allstars tour all over the world, in association with ARMED FORCES ENTERTAINMENT. To the troops she is known as NATIONAL MOM.

Besides being a comedian and writer, Carole is a wife and mother. She’s been married for 27 years and has a 19 year old son, Layne. She was Vice-President of her son’s school PTA and helped coach his Little League team for 7 years. She is now dealing with an almost adult son going to college, her Peter Pan husband and living with her mother-in-law. The jokes write themselves. Though her onstage persona and offstage homelife would seem to be on opposite sides of the spectrum, she juggles both with ease. Please also visit:

Brian McKim

BRIAN MCKIM is a writer and professional standup comic who has performed in all 50 states! He was was a semifinalist on season 7 of the NBC reality show “Last Comic Standing.” He has appeared on numerous network, syndicated and cable TV shows including “Evening at the Improv,” “Into the Night,” “Star Search” and on “The Bob & Tom Show.” On April 1, 1999, Brian and his wife, fellow comic TRACI SKENE created, the WWW’s most widely-read website about standup comedy.

Bag Lady Sue

Suzanne, Or “Bags” as she is called by those who know her, is a fearless, fun loving spirit, and an avid troop supporter and motorcyclist, who does many charity events for both throughout the year. She sends care packages with her DVDs, T-Shirts, photos and letters to our troops when requested by a friend or family member, believing that one of God’s greatest gifts to us, is the gift of laughter. “Sex however…runs a very, very close second!”

Born in Pittsburgh, PA. July 4th to a single mom, she has known hard and soft times, Sue began at age 15 as a burlesque dancer traveling all over the east coast playing in some rough places, “I have always had angels with me and rarely felt afraid. People in general are truly good souls, I made it through with only a couple scrapes along the crazy way.” She also says, “Life is what YOU make of it, and you can’t blame anyone else for your not making something of it! The past is gone! Keep the beautiful memories and let the rest of it go!”

She has shared the stage with many celebrities, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brett Michaels, and Kid Rock, to Hank Williams Jr., Travis Tritt, Dr. Hook, Bad Company, David Allen Coe, Charlie Daniels, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, and her friend Trent Tomlinson, even opening for the great Sam Kinison in 1991, to name a few. “I like playing big concerts and small clubs both, it is a totally different vibe but the people still feel just as awesome!”

Suzanne has been interviewed/featured in many national and international magazines including numerous articles and pictures in Easyriders “Biker”, American Iron, Full Throttle, Vibes in Tokyo, Japan, and a 3 page layout in Hustler magazine Holiday 2007 to mention just a few. She is a regular on the Biker Low Down internet radio Show, and will be starting her own web radio show in Spring of 2011. Sue also played the character Sandy Kleinbacher in the horror film, “Blood Sucking Pharohs in Pittsburgh!” filmed in 1992 and has performed in live theater numerous times as well.