Furniture Cleaning

Usually, office furniture cleaning involves wiping and dusting. You should bear in mind that when cleaning office furniture, you need to clean the higher ones first before moving onto lower ones. This is done in order to prevent dust from falling on the places you've already cleaned. This will save you effort and time since there won't be need to redo what you've just finished. You should also note that all office items that can be removed and moved are considered furniture. This includes wall fixtures and lamps.

The Options Office Cleaning Services Have To Maintain Cleanliness

There are many cleaning areas in a commercial building or an office that office cleaning services cover. The service occasionally includes maintaining the various facilities in a building. Sometimes, the services may also be extended to include different kind of establishments like warehouses, factories, laboratories, restaurants, hospitals, churches, schools, and other commercial or business environments. As an office cleaning enterprise, your main concern is maintaining the cleanliness of a business or commercial establishment so as to make sure it stays presentable to patrons and customers. In order to achieve this objective, below are some specialized services office cleaning enterprises can offer.

Floor Cleaning Services

In addition to the normal mopping and sweeping, you can try including waxing and polishing to the services you offer. The service can also include removing the previous wax and polish job from a floor then applying another coat of wax and polishing it again so as to give it a new look. This process usually requires using other cleaning equipments and some chemicals such as buffers and floor polishers.

It is important to remember that there are various kinds of polishers and floor wax so you need to use the best one for the particular type of floor you want to clean. Not all polish and floor wax is suitable for all kinds of floor. Instead of actually cleaning the floor, you may damage it if you use the wrong type. When cleaning wooden floors, you need to be extremely careful as they can easily stain and scratch. This is common in woods that are not properly treated. To clean well maintained floors, you can easily remove dirt and dust by sweeping and mopping. However, in order to prevent scratching when cleaning wooden floors, you will need to use non-abrasive cleaning equipments.

Another aspect of office floor cleaning service is the grout and tile cleaning. The tiles and grout of some offices are not well-maintained. You may need to use some additional chemical cleaners to do such jobs. In order to choose the most-suitable cleaning material, it is essential to know the type of tiles you'll be cleaning. However, there are certain cleaning solutions that are suitable for all type of tiles. What's more, you can easily get them at most hardware stores in your area.


Window Cleaning

This is a pretty necessary task if you want to make a business or commercial establishment presentable. Most clients would be turned off if they see a dirty window full of grime and streaks when they walk into an office area. There are various techniques to clean windows. You will need different methods to clean the outside and inside windows. Usually, the dirtier part of a window is the outside and even when you've already cleaned it, it's still going to attract debris and dust later. Most of the solutions available for cleaning windows are just liquid soap. Majority of the cleaning materials today are environmentally friendly so you can now easily get cleaning solutions that don't contain solvents, ammonia, or alkali.You can use dusters to clean these pieces of furniture. However, the dusters you use should be kind that attracts dust. You can now find microfiber dusters specially designed to attract dust. Vacuum cleaners can also be used. Other than dusting furniture, it is also necessary to do some polishing. Furniture polishers and sprays are available in home furnishing stores and hardware stores. Usually, these are wipe on, then wiped off or spray-on to get the desired effect. In addition to making the furniture look clean and new, these products also protect furniture materials. There are many furniture cleaners and polish and it is important to use the right polish for the right furniture material. There are metal, wood, and leather polish for various furniture types.

Carpet Cleaning

You should note that leather furniture are not really as sturdy as metal or wood and thus, requires special care. Additionally, try to avoid using abrasive cleaning materials when cleaning leather furniture as they can scratch the material. This can damage the furniture.


Majority of the floors of offices are carpeted. They must be treated with special care when cleaning. Vacuuming is not all you need to do, it's only one of the many processes.

When cleaning carpets, aside from vacuum cleaner, the regular dust pan and broom is still needed. These cleaning equipments are mainly used when there are large materials on the carpet floor to clean. They are necessary in order to maintain a clean carpet.

Carpet brushes are also used in carpet cleaning and care. They help rejuvenate the appearance of carpets. Carpet brushes are now machinated to make it more time efficient and more convenient to use.

One of the easiest ways to clean and remove stains from carpets is by blotting and diluting the stain. However, this method is slow if the carpeted area you want to clean is big. Today, there are some machines you can use to remove carpet stains. You can use wet vacuums for both dirt removal and carpet stain.

The use of machines is economical and more efficient.

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